Ignite your light mentorshipS©

Master your intuition. Know your purpose. Explore your spiritual gifts.

I’ll teach you how to create your own Divinely-inspired life… I’ll help you remember that you ARE God – and your own own best guru, too!

clairvoyance for your spiritual awakening

single session:

Purchase a single, “freestyle” mentorship session. I connect with your celestial team to discuss whatever’s on your heart… it's the joy and honor of your Oversoul and guides to illuminate your path to Divine love, wisdom and clarity!

I also discern what techniques or actions will serve you best, drawing from my own practice and 18 years of mentoring women. By the end? I promise. You’ll better know your Soul-self — and your spiritual team! You’ll have a greater understanding of your unique purpose and spiritual gifts. And you’ll enjoy the wisdom and inspiration of the Angelic and celestial beings who love and guide you!


Or dive in with a mentorship package. 30, 60 or 90 days — you choose!

You’ll receive private, one-on-one coaching sessions, approximately 60 minutes each – and a 30-minute wrap up call, one month after program completion. We start and finish with a Soul Star reading that reflects and benchmarks your spiritual change. You’ll have exercises to complete between sessions, too.

This is fearless work. Demanding bravery. Self-honesty. And the willingness to change. While completing coursework between sessions, we’ll correspond via email. You’ll also have and lifetime access to program materials!


The number of chakras tackled! For the 60 and 30-day mentorships, you select which chakras we’ll work on following the intake process and your initial Soul Star reading.

90 DAY: 10 private coaching calls. 8 chakras. Root through Soul Star.

60 DAY: 7 private coaching calls. 5 chakras of YOUR choosing, post-Soul Star reading.

30 DAY: 4 private coaching calls. 3 chakras of YOUR choosing, post-Soul Star reading.


8 chakras/ 90-day: $2,222 - $2,444 by installments. 

5 chakras/ 60-day: $1,377 - $1,533. 

3 chakras/ 30-day: $828 or $922.


Email now to book your free 44-minute breakthrough call. We'll send you a few questions that explore your needs and assess whether IYL is the right fit!

Apply today and let's “Ignite Your Light” together!