You’re one truth away from a spiritual awakening…

Susan Dyer, helping women transform their lives through spiritual awakening

Imagine trusting your intuition. Knowing your purpose. Loving your quirks… imagine your life, Divinely-inspired!

Trust me. I couldn’t picture it either!

Hi, I’m Susan. I was born clairvoyant – and doubted my sanity for most of my life. At age 40, it showed. I hated myself. I lived in fear. My life was a series of rock-bottoms.

Have emotions ever controlled you? Mine have. I felt broken for so long it became a belief. I couldn’t be fixed. So I drank too much and ate too little. I married a man who marginally liked me. My role as a wife founded on panicked submission. By the end, I barely spoke – I had assassinated myself trying to keep him.

Even so, our split flattened me. No way could I face life alone. My mind failed – my body followed. Chronic Lyme raged out of remission. I was couch-bound for 2017. In pain and paralysis. Crawling, at my worst point. Making PB&Js on the kitchen floor. Leaving them for my kids, like they were animals.

Then a Near-Death Experience changed my life.

Ladies, I am not religious. I say “God” out of habit, and honor all names and concepts the same. These are my experiences, nothing more – and I’m looking forward to exploring yours!

The night I nearly died, I steeped in God’s infinite, blazing, golden light. I felt what God is made ofand it was so confusing. 

I experienced God as being Love and Light – what God is made of, not what God gives. God is Love. Absolute, unwavering Love. Impossibly unconditional and pure. But even more than Love…

God felt like FREEDOM most of all.

I thought God was a vague but loving force. I was wrong. God knew me. We spoke without speaking – it was breezy, detailed, sweeping. God felt like my best friend. I was wholly loved, just like you... 

YOU. No matter what you’ve done or how you’ve lived. No. Matter. What. 

I could have been anyone. God received me in Love and Light because that’s how God receives. The late Wayne Dyer said it best, you’ll never get apple juice from an orange. God IS only one way. 

I want you to read this next part, then tuck it away. It’s my offering to you…

You ARE God.

That’s right. You are a pinpoint of Love and Light… just as you are. You are a God spark – briefly embodied and briefly unaware. 

I’m here to help you remember. 

Once you know, everything changes. You’ll see synchronicity, not coincidence. Your past as Divinely-timed. Your wounds as perfectly on purpose. 

You’ll know there is no death – just Divine energy changing form. There are no rules. No gatekeepers. No middlemen required. All rituals accepted. All is One. 

I’m no saint. I’m trying to find my best self, just like you. Fear forced me to find my way – and I finally did.

Today I’m clear, not confused. My awakening excites me. I’m no longer scared. My Light is ignited… my life is Divinely-inspired.

I’m here to show you how. 

You’ll see. It’s awesome when we Ignite Your Light© together! 

Truly, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Your transformation is my joy… and guiding you, my honor!


Susan is an intuitive and coach – and champion of women’s spirituality. She empowers awakening women via spiritual mentorships, inspirational speaking and her Facebook community, Divining Women.

She graduated Hamilton College with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Cultural Anthropology. She’s written for Dance Magazine, the Smithsonian and other non-profits. Her loves include woods-romping with her kids, Googling questions, and meditating in her copper pyramid.

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