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“I’d always been connected to the angels… now I know I’m one of them! Susan is an amazing guide, with psychic gifts that transformed my life. Anyone who knows her will tell you the same!”


My life was falling apart, when I made the decision to work with Susan ten years ago. With her guidance, I’ve navigated several lifetimes already – including a heartbreaking divorce, breast cancer, in-patient treatment of an eating disorder, trauma around the early loss of my mother, and seven years of being rejected from medical school before being accepted. If that sounds intense, that’s because it was! I’ll never forget the day that Susan told me that I was an incarnated angel. She explained there were many others like me on Earth, and asked me to read more about them. Susan didn’t know that when I was 9 years old, an angel – beautiful, bright and full of light – visited me in a dream. The angel said my mom would die one year later and assured me I’d be ok. Unfortunately, the angel was right about my mother, but it was many years before I was ok! Looking back, I’ve always been connected to the angels, but it was Susan who helped me see it. Today, I work as a pediatric oncologist at the nation’s best children’s hospital. I take care of children with cancer – and I’m a far better doctor for surviving cancer myself. My emotionally abusive marriage collapsed then, too. This is when Susan helped me the most. She taught me how to summon my strength by connecting to my fellow angels. I realized that many of my patients were angels, too! Susan is an amazing guide, with psychic gifts that have transformed my life – and my sense of self. Anyone who knows her will tell you the same. I believe the healing Archangel Raphael is with her always, providing her with the angelic light and love she shares so freely with everyone who crosses her path.  

Courtney, Washington, D.C

Pediatric Oncologist

“I’d never heard of a chakra and was raised an Atheist. I couldn’t image seeking spiritual help. Susan helped me restore my self-esteem and taught ME how to heal MYSELF!”


“Susan and I exist on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to faith, and I believe that is exactly why we have been brought together in this lifetime. I’d never heard of a chakra, was raised an Atheist and pronounced Bible like ‘bibble’. I couldn’t imagine seeking spiritual help, but several years ago I found myself too afraid to leave an abusive relationship. I worried I was losing my mind, and I reached out to Susan out of sheer desperation. Her faith seemed unshakable, but I learned it wasn’t always that way. She shared many of her personal experiences, weaknesses and struggles, and consistently challenged my beliefs by sharing hers. Susan helped me restore my self-esteem. I started to pray, even though I didn’t believe. Most importantly, Susan taught ME how to heal MYSELF. I’m a practical person by nature, and I’ve experienced very practical results from working with Susan. I approach life differently, and I do not feel alone. Even my fear of death is lessened, because now I know there is more to life than what I can see and touch. For me, this shift in perception is a true miracle. Susan started me on this journey… and my life will never be the same!

 Brigitte, Smithsburg, MD

Owner & Founder of Washington Springs Reception Venue 

“I went from skeptical and mistrustful to radiant and empowered. Don’t hesitate to work with her. She WILL bring you out of the darkness and into the light!


I was out of ideas, when I started working with Susan. But right away, I was shocked by how insightful she was. She was so calm and non-judgmental, but still managed to make me feel relaxed and HOPEFUL after just one phone call! The comfort I felt was profound, and I knew to give this program my all. And I’m so thrilled that I did. I’d seen many tarot readers, energy workers and shamans, in searching for clarity and purpose. But 90 days of working with Susan proved more powerful than all this combined. She refused to let me depend upon her intuition, and instead taught me how to tap into mine. She taught me how to shine, how to face down my fears, how to comfort and inspire MYSELF in dark times! My depression is in the past. I don’t dwell on my past struggles with abuse, stage 4 melanoma and severe learning disabilities. And I am living out part of my soul’s purpose by helping children see how unique and brilliant they are, no matter their challenges. Today, I love and take care of myself - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Susan is always positive, always powerful, and always inspiring. I went from skeptical and mistrustful to radiant and empowered. Don’t hesitate to work with her. She WILL bring you out of the darkness and into the light!

Shea, North Bethesda, MD

Author & Early Childhood Educator

“I’m making more money than I ever dreamed of – I’m being paid what I’m worth and working as a psychic medium! No more fear and self-doubt, just amazing clarity and confidence.”


“Like Susan, I grew up extra-sensory. This was a terrifying experience for any child, especially for a child without anyone to confide in or learn from. As an adult, I lacked direction in most areas of my life and felt as though no one understood me. I knew I had psychic abilities, but had too much self-doubt and fear to explore them. But working with Susan, one module at a time, I learned to embrace my intuition and deeply connect with myself and what I call ‘Source’. While I know this is a life-long process, I’m now able to help others in the same way that Susan has helped me. Today, I’m very open about all things ‘intuitive’. I treasure this gift in my life, and I’m clear about my purpose. My loved ones know they can talk to me about anything. And I have the great honor of seeing my own clients, as a psychic medium! I’ve gained so much clarity and confidence. I still work a day job in my original profession – but I now work elsewhere, making more money than I ever dreamed possible. I’m finally being paid what I’m worth! For all this and so much more, I am forever grateful.”

Megan, McLean, VA

Intuitive Healer and Medium & Proposal Manager

“I only had 2 emotions: blah and angry. It was no way to live. Susan helped me face my life, then reshape it entirely! I truly feel reborn!”

Duly Ordained Minister.png

Our first time working together, Susan said she was going to show me how to recreate my life and create a happy home. I didn’t think it possible. Every area of my life was either stuck or in conflict. I would off handedly joke that I only had 2 emotions: blah and angry. The only thing I wanted was to stop feeling at war with myself and the world, but Susan wouldn’t let me settle for that. She wanted more for me than I wanted for myself. She helped me face up to and take responsibility for my life, then reshape it entirely. She also helped me to reconnect with God by encouraging me to talk to Him just like I talked to her. So, I did, angrily but also honestly, and the results were unimaginable. Susan opened me up beyond my religion. She taught me to meditate and how to conquer my thinking. Today, I wake up joyful about my life. My life is no longer a struggle, and I no longer hate myself. I met and married a wonderful man, and our house is a safe, loving home. 4 years ago, I became a minister – and I happily share Susan’s processes with the brave men and women of our military. I truly feel reborn… Susan showed me my True self.

Duly Ordained Minister for the United States Army, Fort Worth, TX


“My reading was BOTH practical and beyond my wildest imagination. I learned about my purpose. I felt such peace and ease during and after our time together, and I have MUCH more confidence!”

I met with Susan for a Soul Star reading and absolutely loved it! She is definitely connected to the spirit world! It’s hard to put into words my experience. She shared things with me from my oversoul- which I knew nothing about walking into this. I felt a sense of peace during and after the experience. Susan relayed information to me about my purpose and things to work on moving forward. I learned from my oversoul that I am strong and powerful - two qualities I would never use to describe myself but strangely this has given me SO much more confidence . Who knew? My reading was BOTH practical and beyond my wildest imagination. I am so grateful that we met!

Meggie, Takoma Park, MD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Founder of Therapy and Mindfulness Practices, LLC


“Susan has a window to the soul of a person that’s undeniable. She guided me in dissolving deeply rooted harmful thinking. I was overwhelmed by hope!”

I had a session with Susan that I have tried for days to put into words, and it’s difficult. Suffice it to say that she has a window to the soul of a person that is undeniable. The experience was profoundly emotional but well worth it because the overwhelming impact was that of hope. Plus Susan provided remarkable guidance to help with dissolving deeply rooted harmful thinking.

Stefanie, Kensington, MD

Corporate Sales Executive

Melissa Shea.png

I found Susan through Facebook, her teachings resonated so strongly with me that I wanted a personalized session. I absolutely love her passion and commitment to her work, and how she uplifts the women on her FB page. My session was transformative and enlightening. Susan was real, accessible and truly caring. I was left feeling filled up with love, hope and insight into my path and purpose. 

Melissa S. Gig Harbor, Washington 

Profession is Physical Therapist

Sarah S..png

I had a Soul Star Reading with Susan. What an amazing experience. It is so comforting to know I have so many guides behind me. She relayed messages that made perfect sense to me at this point in my journey. I am feeling so excited for the future! Thank you, Susan!

Sarah S. North Bethesda, MD

Mixed Media Artist at renzisandersart.com