Soul Star Reading©

I intuitively created this process to blossom my OWN clarity... it's NOTHING like you’ve experienced!

How’s it different? I use tarot. Trump cards only – meaning ARCHETYPES only. And we explore 8 chakras, not 7. Why? The Soul Star. Your unique divine satellite – a portal to your Oversoul and Soul’s mission!

Here’s how it works... We connect via Facebook Video Chat. We virtually hug. I ground us. Our energies cleanse, strengthen and harmonize.

Now for the EXCEPTIONALLY fun part... I call in your team. Your Oversoul, guides and all the angelic, ascended or celestial beings you work with!

I bust out my Thoth tarot deck – think Ancient Egypt and astrology. Each card is a kaleidoscope of color, geometry, nature, mysticism, mythology. 

Chakra balancing and healing sessions

Why the trump cards? As archetypes, their symbology needs no explanation. Their simplicity makes them accessible to everyone.

What are the archetypes? Think Carl Jung or Carolyn Myss. You’ve probably heard of some… the Lovers, High Priestess or the Emperor. But maybe not all… the Universe or the Aeon.

If you’re old enough to read this, you’ve danced with these symbols already… more than once. And with each dance, you’ve transformed.

This reading anchors my personal seeking. It’s so profound it also STARTS AND ENDS my Ignite Your Light (IYL) mentorship intensives!

With fresh intuitive senses, I explore your Soul’s growth – and the Divine blueprint of where you’re headed!

The Details

The IYL Soul Star© reading runs approximately 90 minutes.

I intuitively deliver clarity, comfort and inspiration. The details are prompted by your guides. I may spend 45 minutes on just one chakra. Or 45 minutes free-talking, before we even begin! 

The cards prompt my intuition. What’s addressed is always for YOUR HIGHEST AND BEST. And always INSPIRATIONAL.