Why Hire Susan to Speak?

* Susan is a champion of women’s spirituality. For 17 years, she has laser-focused on empowering awakening women. Above all, she wishes to serve!

* Susan orbits outside of religion. Her belief? You ARE God. Her joy? Helping women remember!

* From terrified, psychic child to navigating many Dark Nights of the Soul, Susan’s transformative journey is sure to open hearts and minds alike.

* Her signature fearless and quirky approach easily engages audiences. From stage, Susan interacts with attendees as peers. 

* There’s nothing more compelling than Susan recounting her Near-Death Experience in person. She is a lifelong writer – and master storyteller.

* Particularly as a former fundraising writer, she easily deconstructs complex spiritual concepts into unforgettable soundbites.

* Audiences love her… Susan is “boldly honest” yet “speaks her truth in love!” She is “real and accessible.” Women consistently name hope and insight as their most meaningful takeaways!

* Hosts will, too… Susan loves connecting live, and it shows in the way she engages audiences before and after. She’s also happy to assist staff in any way. Just ask!

Email ignite@susandyer.com to check for availability.